Monday, February 13, 2012

{Straight to the Heart of Revelation by Phil Moore}

Straight to the Heart of Revelation does just that. It goes through the whole entire book of Revelation in the Bible. Phil Moore is from Wimbledon, London and leads a thriving church there. He graduated from Cambridge University and spent time in the mission field. For many years now he has studied the Hebrew and Greek scriptures and explains Revelation in a language we can understand today.

He has broken this book up into nine sections with each of those sections having anywhere from 2-9 sub-sections. They are all in the order that they appear in Revelation in the Bible. The main sections are:
1. The Vision of Jesus (Rev. 1)
2. The First Overview of AD History (Rev. 2-3)
3. The Vision of Heaven (Rev. 4-5)
4. The Second Overview of AD History (Rev. 6-7)
5. The Third Overview of AD History (Rev. 8-11)
6. The Fourth Overview of AD History (Rev. 12-14)
7. The Fifth Overview of AD History (Rev. 15-16)
8. The Sixth Overview of AD History (Rev. 17-20)
9. The Vision of the Age to Come (Rev. 21-22)

In the introduction to this book Phil Moore says this about Revelation: "The last book of the Bible is not primarily about weird beasts, strange allegories, or encoded detail about the final years of Planet Earth. It's a book which focuses on one great fact which trumps all others throughout the whole of AD history. It's a simple fact, but a fact which changes everything: God is on the Throne of the universe." (pg. 14).

I have listened to many sermons and read Revelation for myself. Honestly, it's a little scary if you don't know exactly what you are reading. This book helped me to better understand the history and background of the book of Revelation. You could actually use this book as a daily devotion or Bible study (using your Bible as your main resource).

Phil Moore really did a lot of extensive research and it is proven here. He explains things in terms that everyday people, such as myself, can understand. He doesn't leave you wondering what happened or why something happened. I recommend this book to new and "veteran" Christians alike. If you've never read Revelation it will be a guide to help you understand what is going on along the way without having to have too many other resources to search through. If, like me, you've read and studied it many times it will give you a more clear understanding of why and how God operates in Revelation.

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*This book was given to me for review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

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