Thursday, August 16, 2012

{My Pop-up Bible Stories}

My Pop-Up Bible Stories by Juliet David is a cute and inspirational children's book. It has two dimensional scenes on each page that captivate a little ones imagination. The author and illustrator really put their heart into each story that they chose. There are five well-known bible stories included and the actual verses from the bible are on each page as well. My children thought the book was very fascinating. Bear's (my 3 year old) eyes got big each time I opened a new page and the story literally unfolded before him. He enjoyed the colors and creativity the author put into this cute book.

I would recommend this book to any family with young children. The book is sturdy but I wouldn't recommend allowing the little ones to handle it themselves. Pop-up books are great but small children tend to think that the arms and legs can be taken off and moved around (I learned from personal experience through other books we have at  home). I believe that this would be a wonderful addition to any family's home.



*I was given this book in exchange for my personal review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

Monday, August 13, 2012

{Grieving God's Way}

Grief. We have all felt it in some way or another. Maybe it's grief over losing a loved one or a beloved family pet. Maybe it's grief over losing a friendship or a job. I have felt many different stages of grief. I have lost family members and pets. When I was 6 months pregnant with Ducky (who is now 2 years old), my chihuahua had to be put down due to kidney failure. I thought I would cry my eyes out. Recently though, I lost a baby at 12 weeks gestation. I was so devastated. I cried out to God many nights asking Him why He took my baby. The fact of the matter is, my baby wasn't really mine in the first place. We are all His children. I am grateful to have had baby Kendall for the short time that we did. I still grieve for my baby, but I find it easier now then when it first happened. I clung to my Bible during those horrible weeks that followed. I prayed like my life depended on it. I got through it (and still am struggling on some days). I also found a book that has helped me tremendously. It is a 90-day devotional called Grieving God's Way by Margaret Brownley.

In her book, Margaret shares her personal stories from her own life. She helps to lead us in a different direction with our grief. There actually is a Godly way to grieve. God designed our bodies, so He would know how to help us in the grieving process. This book has given me hope. It has also helped me to heal my broken heart. Even though I still have bad days, I know that this is just temporary. I know there is a purpose and a plan for everything that I go through in this life.

This devotional is broken up into 4 parts. They are: Healing the Grieving Body, Healing the Grieving Soul, Healing the Grieving Heart, and Healing the Grieving Spirit. The grieving process can be so hard on the body, mind, and soul. Margaret Brownley gives us insight into what God says about going through this process. Each of the days of the devotional includes a scripture that goes along with the personal story and/or advice. Diantha Ain also wrote a haiku for each day. At the end of each of the devotionals is a section to take action or a story from a famous person which also includes another scripture.

I really enjoyed this devotional and would recommend it to anyone who has lost a loved one or anything that causes you to grieve.



*I was given this book in exchange for my personal review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

Friday, July 20, 2012

{Cleaning House By: Kay Wills Wyma}

Cleaning House
A Mom's 12-Month Experiment 
to Rid Her Home of 
Youth Entitlement

This is a wonderful book about how to motivate your children to help with the everyday chores without argument. The author gives your tips and what worked for her in her home. The children went from groaning and moaning about helping out to having an attitude of gratitude. She explains that our children shouldn't expect clean, folded clothes and clean toilets. Our children should want to help because they are part of a team and family that work together. Families love each other and respect each other. With the Father and Mother running the household, the children should follow in doing what they are told and helping out around the house without having to be asked to do so. 

Kay Wills Wyma took had an epiphany one day and put it into action. She took 12 months to train her children in the "new way" of things. Here are the titles for each of the months:
1. Operation Clutter Control
2. Kitchen Patrol
3. Grounding Time
4. Working for a Living
5. Domestic Dirty Jobs
6. Roll Tide
7. The Handyman Can...Or Can He?
8. The Entertainers
9. Team Players
10. Runner's World
11. It's About Others
12. Ladies and Gentlemen

I loved this book and will be referring back to it over the years. My children are still young, but you have to start somewhere. If you start training your children young they will not know the difference between "chores" and just doing what you are supposed to. We are a team. We should function as one. 



*This book was given to me in exchange for my personal review. All opinions expressed here are strictly my own.*

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{The Truth About Forgiveness}

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your Kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin against us. 

Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom,
the power and the glory are yours.
Now and for ever.

John MacArthur has written a small book about forgiveness called The Truth About Forgiveness. It was an easy to read book packed with information from the Bible. There are only 7 chapters but every one of them is wonderful. John MacArthur tells us what Jesus says about forgiveness. Not only what Jesus says but what we are called to do as Christians. 

Jesus died on the cross so that our sins would be forgiven forever. He is the only One who could do that because He lived a sinless, perfect life. He was the spotless Lamb that was the ultimate sacrifice. We don't deserve His forgiveness nor can we ever do anything to deserve it. It is up to us to accept that forgiveness and open our hearts to God. In this book God's forgiveness toward us is explained in a simple way that anyone can understand. 

The chapter that I really enjoyed was about forgiving others. Has someone ever done something or said something to you that was catastrophic? You think there is no way you could EVER forgive them. Not only are we called to forgive them 7 times 70 times we are to live in peace with them. In Romans 12:18 it says "Live peaceably with all men." That really got me thinking about all of my relationships. Do I live peaceably with all men? Do I make an effort to forgive others even if they don't ask for it? Even if they don't deserve it? I should be actively living the Word of God. 

I recommend this book to anyone looking for forgiveness or reasons to forgive. I thought it was a good read and very Biblically based. 



*I was given this book in exchange for my personal review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

Thursday, June 14, 2012

{Beloved Enemy}

What would you do if you fell in love with a man from the North and you were a true Southerner during the Civil War? That is the story that Al Lacy writes in his newest book Beloved Enemy. What I really loved about this book was the historical facts. It was like I was actually there with each of the characters as they went about their days or fought in a battle. I also liked that Al Lacy did not have any sexual content included in the book. I read one person's review about Beloved Enemy and they wanted more sexual content. This is a Christian fiction book. I am personally happy to read anything without sexual content.

I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to read this wonderful book. I thought it was well written and kept my attention from the first page. A General for the Union becomes caught up in a spy ring for the Confederacy. His daughter is courted by a Corporal in the Union army. When the General forbids his daughter from seeing the Army Corporal again she must choose her loyalties. Does she listen to her heart and continue to see her beloved against her father's wishes? Or, does she stay true to her Southern roots and support her father's efforts in the Confederacy knowing that he could be caught and killed?

The historical parts in this book were pretty accurate. I mean it is a fiction book so some of it is made up. But, I believe for the most part the actual facts are true to history. I recommend this book to any historical fiction book lover. The Christian aspect was great as well. There was nothing inappropriate about it and anyone over the age of 15 would enjoy it.



*This book was given to me for my personal review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

Monday, May 28, 2012

{Cowgirls and Angels}

If you love horses you will love this new family-friendly movie called Cowgirls and Angels. I thought it was a delightful movie that was both funny and entertaining. There was a serious nature to it that made me teary-eyed a few times. For any people who like a happy ending to a movie...this one is it!

Ida is searching for her long lost father. She is young and ambitious and willing to learn anything. When the rodeo comes into town she is there. She's not there looking for her father (who used to work at the rodeo). She is there stealing from others. Her mother never taught her any different. That's when she meets Terence Parker, the owner of The Sweethearts of the Rodeo. They are cowgirls who are trick riders. Ida immediately takes to him and all the girls of the Sweethearts.

Knowing her mother would never allow her to travel with the Sweethearts, Ida forges her mother's signature on the release form. When Terence finds this out he goes to her mother and asks permission himself. Ida is then able to travel with the girls to all of the state fairs they are going to. I really enjoyed the trick riding and the lessons she received. I have never been a horse person, but it was a great story.

Ida learns big lessons about life and relationships. She learns to love her mother and not be afraid of going after your dreams. The end of the movie is really sweet. I recommend this movie to people of all ages.

Check it out for yourself!

God Bless,


*This movie was given to me to screen for my personal review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{As One Devil To Another}

"A fiendish correspondence in the tradition of C. S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters." Richard Platt has brilliantly written a book from the perspective of demons.  The two "devils" are Slashreap (the senior devil) and his protege Scardagger. Scardagger has just graduated top of his class from Temptation University. Slashreap is assigned to him because he excelled in all of his courses such as "casting of doubt", "inflammation of vanity", "erosion of values", "destruction of conscience", "dissolution of goodwill", "inculcation of egocentricity", and "formation of spiritual pride". Have you ever felt any of these qualities in your own life? I know I have and this book gave me a different perspective about these subjects. I already knew there were "other forces" in the spiritual realm that influenced how we feel and what we think. As One Devil To Another actually gave me chills a few times.

The book is a series of letters written back and forth between Slashreap and Scardagger. As we know, this book is fiction. But please prayerfully consider reading it as the concept is real. There are real "spiritual" dangers out there. Scardagger has been chosen to win a soul away from Heaven. The woman chosen is a postgraduate in the English department of a great university. The come up with different ways to get to her soul. Should they allow her the move up the "corporate" ladder but not have other things in life or should they not give her advances in her career?

The story is gripping and kept me reading. It definitely shows that how powerful prayer is in a Christian's life. The book allowed me to realize the purpose of suffering and that is to be closer to God and rely on Him. I have recently gone through a terrible loss and suffered terrible for it. I have been battling depression and anger. I read my Bible but reading this book in the way it is written really put my suffering into perspective. I would recommend this book to any mature Christian. It is not for the faint of heart. I prayed a lot while reading As One Devil To Another for the purpose of cleansing my mind from thinking about all the bad things in the world. I truly believe that this will become a classic just as The Screwtape Letters.



*This book was given to me in exchange for my personal review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*