Sunday, January 29, 2012

{Vineyard Music's "I LOVE YOUR PRESENCE"} & Giveaway!!!

Vineyard Music is an extension of the Vineyard church in the USA. They are a non-profit worship ministry. John Wimber is the founder of the ministry. He says worship leaders should first be ministers and second be musicians. The goal of Vineyard Music is to embrace a much wider definition of worship and a much larger scope of efforts for the Kingdom of God. This album was recorded live at the Burn Bright: Worship and The Kingdom of God conference. Several hundred worship leaders and many others gathered in the Arizona desert and were recorded for the album.

I really enjoyed this CD. It is the type of worship music that I love. It is very similar to a rock band that you would have at your church. The songs on the album include:
1. Let It Come
2. Glory To The King
3. Saving Grace
4. What Can I Bring
5. Love Of God
6. One Thing Remains
7. Now and Ever
8. Invitacion Fountain
9. Sweet Mercies
10. Isn't He Amazing Grace
11. I Love Your Presence
12. Perfect Sacrifice
13. I Lift My Eyes Up (Psalm 121)

My favorite song is "One Thing Remains". God stays so true to us no matter our circumstances. One thing remains...God's love for us. I also enjoyed listening to was "Sweet Mercies". It just sang to my soul and my heart. I love worshipping God with music and this was the perfect CD to fill me with God's Holy Presence. Here are some resources for you to check out to get more information about Vineyard Music:

The CD isn't being released until February 7th. BUT, if you would like to win a copy (a downloadable version) right away please be the first person to comment on this post. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can send you the link to download your copy. This offer end on 2-10-12 (or after the first person leaves a comment), so act fast!!

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*This CD was given to me for review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Moments of Truth by: John MacArthur}

Moments of Truth by John MacArthur is a true devotional. It is so inspirational and is simple to read (in a good way). I have read through this book and found out so many wonderful things I didn't know about myself before. It caused me to take a look at the life I am living and evaluate the situations as Jesus would. Each day you will open with a verse from the Bible. Next, there are 2-3 paragraphs of a story that goes along with the Bible verse. Some of these stories are personal and some come from various books in the Christian realm. At the end, there is a critical thinking question pertaining to the devotional for the day.

Each month is also divided into a different subject. For instance, January is "Beginnings", February is "Love", March is "The Cross and Easter", and my favorite, June is "Marriage". John MacArthur really does a great job with each of these special devotionals. You can tell he took a lot of time and prayer on each day so that you will focus on Christ to begin your day (if that's when you do your devotions).

"Day by day, MacArthur quotes Scripture and helps us apply it to our lives with eye-opening lessons and probing questions that are relevant to the season." (quote from back of book).

I would recommend this for anyone to do use. A family could even use this for "family devotions" after dinner each night. The reason I say that is because there is a question at the end of each day to get your mind thinking about what was read. Each family member could answer with their own personal twist. If family devotions isn't your thing, then do them privately. Listen to what God has to say to you. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to review this book.

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*This book was given to me by in exchange for my personal opinion. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Daniel Fast By: Susan Gregory

When I saw received The Daniel Fast by Susan Gregory to review I was excited. I have to say that I have never "fasted" before. So, I thought this book would be perfect to help me get a real grasp of what it means to fast and be closer to God. I thought the concept was great. When I started reading it, I found that the the theology was spot on. The problem that I had with it was the diet. I don't know about you, but I cannot afford to eat all of the expensive foods that are represented in this book. Don't get me wrong a lot of the ingredients are natural. Most of them are veggies and fruits. But some of them were strange. I had never even heard of some of them. The author takes you to the Middle East. I personally do not like Middle Eastern food very much. But, if you like that kind of food then this is the fast diet for you.

What I did like about the book was the concept and the fact that she does provide recipes to help you along your fasting journey. Susan Gregory also gives you tips on how to pray while fasting and what things to pray about. This is a 21-day plan to "feed your soul, strengthen you spirit, or renew your body." I could not personally try many of the recipes because I do not have the ingredients on-hand, but there are some that I already eat. Here are a few that I loves: apple pie oatmeal, home fried breakfast potatoes, berry banana smoothie, vegetable soup, fresh corn salad, etc. I think if you love veggies and have money to spend on the extra ingredients then this is perfect for you.

There are a few things you can't eat on this diet. They are meat, dairy products, sweeteners, leavened bread, refined and processed foods, deep-fried foods, solid fats, and non-water beverages. This presents a slight problem because we eat meat in my household and lots of milk. We also eat bread and I have to have my coffee in the mornings...haha. But it is not something that isn't obtainable. If I really tried and got into it, I could achieve a lot on this diet. I also feel like one could become much closer to God because it takes will power to give up your favorite foods. Instead of going for that cup of coffee in the mornings, grab a glass of water and pray about something that has been on your mind all week. What a great way to start your day and the New Year. I believe this is the perfect book to begin a New Year with a new attitude and commitment to God and praying. I recommend this book to someone who is thinking about fasting but doesn't know how to do it the healthy way without starving yourself.

God Bless,


*This book was given to me for review. The opinions expressed here are solely my own.*