Thursday, February 23, 2012

{Everything Romance}

Everything Romance is a book about love compiled by Todd Hafer and Rebecca Currington. Inside of the book you will find:

"Ways to engage your loved one with conversation starters for couples,
Fun and creative date and gift ideas for any budget,
Heartwarming love stories and poems,
Love busters and love boosters to add fun, zing, and zest,
Trivia about the history of love and romance,
Recipes to fan the heartflames."
-Quote from back of book

I really enjoyed reading and looking through this cute book. There are so many cute ideas for dates for your loved one. There's even a section called "What I Love About You". It a section that is fill-in-the-blank. You fill in what you love about your spouse. That was a lot of fun. I really liked all of the recipes as well. There are breakfast ideas such as the Berry Sweet Breakfast Parfaits For Two. Then, there are the snack ideas like the Hot And Spicy Guacamole. There are also dinner recipes such as the Perfect Pair Pizza Pita's. I would eat any of the recipes and the names are so cute too.

Included in the book are also prayers for your spouse. I loved that part of the book because we all need prayer and need to pray. We need to especially pray for our spouse's. They give you a list of all of the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year. For instance, for your first wedding anniversary you traditionally give "paper". The examples they give you for ideas are: homemade card, photo, framed copy of your marriage certificate. I thought they were very neat ideas that I would try myself. I love to make homemade things. Bible verses about love are scattered throughout the book. It is a way to understand what God says about love.

The poems and quotes are truly sweet. I love poetry and I really love poetry about love. It makes my heart just melt because someone wrote that poem for a person they truly love. There are love letters dating back a hundred or more years to long, lost loved ones. They are very inspiring and it made me want to write a love letter to my husband. I really adored this book and will be using it for reference in the future. I recommend this book to couples young and old, engaged or married for a lifetime. It is a sweet, simple, lovely book about love.

God Bless,


*This book was given to me for review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*  

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