Monday, March 26, 2012

{WWJD & A Giveaway!}

WWJD- What would Jesus do? That is the question that is answered for a family in the movie The Woodcarver. Matthew Stevenson is rebelling against his family in the beginning of this movie because he asked God to have his parents stay together. He feels like God didn't hear him because they are in the middle of a bitter divorce. He vandalizes the church his father is renovating to get his attention. As part of his punishment he is sentenced to help restore what he destroyed. He meets Ernest Otto played by John Ratzenberger (Cheers) who is a woodcarver assigned to carve all of the destroyed pieces of wood.

Mr. Otto teaches Matthew all of the tricks of the trade. Me teaches him everything he knows about woodcarving and how to restore this church. While teaching him to do all of these different talents, Mr. Otto also teaches Matthew the importance of having Jesus in your life. He tells Matthew to ask himself what would Jesus do everytime he needs to make an important decision. He changes dramatically during the course of the movie.

Another transformation is Matthew's parents. They are really fighting and not getting along throughout the movie. By the end, they are trying to work things out. They decided that what drove them apart was when they put everything else before God. They stopped going to church and stopped praying.

I recommend this movie for anyone over the age of about 10 (unless your children can handle the arguing between the parents). I would view it prior to allowing your little ones to watch it. There is nothing bad in the movie, just some destruction of property, talk of divorce, and arguing amongst the parents. It would make a great family movie night pick.

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