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{A Perfect Pet for Peyton Review}

Dr. Gary Chapman is New York Times #1 bestselling author of The Five Love Languages. Rick Osborne is a bestselling author of many popular parenting and marriage books. Together they have written a wonderful book called A Perfect Pet for Peyton. The illustrations are done by Wilson Williams Jr. A Perfect Pet for Peyton is a story about 5 children who all have 5 different love languages. Peyton and his twin sister Penny are celebrating their birthday at The Perfect Pet Pal Emporium where Mr. Chapman, the owner, matches each child to their perfect pet. As you go through the book, the authors engage the reader by asking questions about the animals and having them point out each animal by it's proper name. They also put a small insect on each large picture for the child to find. My 3 year old, Bear, thought it was so much fun to look for the bugs. He would say "Ewww, I see one!"

When Penny and Peyton arrive at the Emporium they discover that they are having a birthday party with their friends. They all get to go home with a pet that Mr. Chapman will hand pick for them according to their love language. As the story progresses you get to see each child discover their love language and what it actually means. Peyton doesn't think that he will get a good pet so he decides he doesn't want to get one.

As Mr. Chapman starts explaining to each child their love language in detail, he also tells them what animal they get to take home as their pet. The 3 friends get their pets first and discover a lot about themselves. When it's time for Penny to get her pet, Mr. Chapman tells her that her love language is quality time and she gets to take home a cat named Horace. The cat likes to spend time with his owner. Peyton begins to think he really won't get a pet because Mr. Chapman hasn't announced his yet.

The children suddenly realize that a dog that had been helping Peyton was his pet. The dog's name is Alex and he is specially trained to help others. Peyton learns that his love language is acts of service. He likes to help others. The other love languages are words of affirmation (speaking kind words), gifts, and physical touch. Dr. Gary Chapman has written a book called The Five Love Languages of Children that can accompany this children's book. There is a quiz in the back of this book that you can give to your child orally to find out what their love language is. My 3 year old would not sit still long enough, so it is probably better to ask children a little older. You can also visit to read more about this subject.

I recommend this book for every family. Children and adults will both love reading this sweet story over and over again.

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