Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{A Year With Jesus} by: R. P. Nettelhorst

{Book Review}

A Year With Jesus is a one year devotional filled with daily readings and reflections on Jesus' own words. The layout is very easy to read. It only takes about 10 minutes to read each day's devotional. It begins with verses from the bible and then Mr. Nettelhorst reflects on what was read. He makes you really think about Jesus' words and what He really meant by His teachings. Jesus only had 3 years to spread His message so every word He uttered had to count for something great.

This book is wonderful and something I will keep on my shelf for a long time. I learned a lot about the things Jesus said and some history behind some of the places He visited.

"A Year With Jesus is an unforgettable 365-day revelation of Jesus' love through his actual words, plus reflections and insights to encourage and inspire you." (Quote from the back of the book).

It will encourage you and keep you focused on our purpose here on earth. Some of the sections really hit home with me. Here is a list of some of the subjects covered in this devotional:
  • Best Friends Forever
  • What Is A Woman Worth?
  • Love's Response
  • When Hate Becomes Love
  • Unpardonable Sin
  • The Afterlife
  • What Counts
  • He Is Coming
  • Who's The Boss?
  • A Soul's Price
  • Babies
  • Satan's Home
  • How Little Is Little?
  • Poor And Happy
  • Signs And Wonders
  • House Of Prayer
Please check out this amazing book filled with Jesus' love and wonderment. It is surprising to me still that when I am going through something hard in life, God allows me to find just what I need in His word. You will find that in this book as well.

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